Intelligent Advisor – Temporal Reasoning Course


Sold : 37 time(s)

Online module providing detailed training about temporal reasoning, temporal attributes, functions and when to use / how to use them. Includes video, examples and more.  

Course Details

This Temporal Reasoning module is made up of the following agenda.

Students receive the presentation video module, the PDF of the presentation, the demo videos and the zip archives of the demo projects.


  • What is Temporal reasoning for?
  • What can I do with Temporal data?
  • Basic Principles
  • What can I not do with Temporal data?
  • Where should I start?
  • Four ideas for using temporal reasoning
  • How do I create Temporal data?
  • How to create temporal data in rules
  • Now What do I do?
  • How to use the functions
  • How can I display Temporal data?
  • What options do I have to show the data to an end user?
  • How can I collect / convert Temporal data?

The website provides a complete set of training modules for new starters and advanced users alike. For more details contact us or view the current list of recorded or live classes.

Temporal Reasoning has been a feature of Intelligent Advisor / Oracle Policy Automation since version 10, and is the backbone of many complex rule projects needing to work with data whose value changes over time, or whose value changes affect rule outputs. This is easily handled using Temporal attributes, temporal functions and by understanding the features available to rule authors.

This class will provide both high and low level content, explaining the product features and demonstrating live how to use them, in Intelligent Advisor and Oracle Policy Modeling. Students are expected to have a basic knowledge of Intelligent Advisor rules, attributes and projects as well as entities.

Please note that upon purchase you will receive access to the video presentations, a Zip of examples and a PDF of the presentation seen in the training.


Successful completion of the training will earn an Open Badge that you can store and share to prove your expertise.

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