TinyMCE TextArea Custom TextArea Extension in Oracle Intelligent Advisor


Custom TextArea Extension showing how to use TinyMCE to create a fully flexible rich-text edit area for Oracle Intelligent Advisor Interviews.

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This is a code example which follows this post about using TinyMCE for better text area (HTML TextArea) editing features for the end user. The Custom TextArea Extension code provides several nice features for you to extend the usability of the TextArea. There are two Zip Archives – one with a detailed TinyMCE example, one with several enhancements for any TextArea.

TextArea custom Extension with TinyMCE  in Intelligent Advisor - Example

This example is a follow-up to a previous article which introduced several other ways to improve the TextArea including placeholder text for the Custom TextArea Extension and drag and drop support, to allow users to drop text files into the TextArea and therefore re-use text they might need often. The example custom Extension attached to this product also includes steps to enable custom Templates and add them to TinyMCE to provide similar functionality, which you may find interesting.

Other examples of enhancements include the drag and drop of text files:

Example TextArea enhancement

If you are new to extensions in general, here are some good resources to help you get started.