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 Drag and Drop – Ask Me Anything April 2023 #2

 Drag and Drop – Ask Me Anything April 2023 #2

And so we return to finish the example from last time, the drag and drop educational scenario. As we left it, the basics were in place but there is still a fair amount of work to be done...Continue Reading

Ask Me Anything about OIA Inaugural Session 15th February 2023

Thanks to everyone who took part in our inaugural session of Ask Me Anything about OIA yesterday. The session was great fun and we had the opportunity to discuss some very interesting topics, namely: Temporal Reasoning RuleScript (as...Continue Reading

Ask Me Anything Online Event – 15th February 2023

In the spirit of "Ask Me Anything" and our sister website siebelhub.com Siebel Friday events, this year in 2023 we will be running "Ask Me Anything" events online - your chance to ask a question, share a thought,...Continue Reading

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