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Reinventing the Signature Control in Oracle Intelligent Advisor (again)

Following on from the article last week concerning Reinventing the Signature Control , a reader from Australia was kind enough to ask if the "extension based" Signature had all the features of the original one. I was about...Continue Reading

Back to Basics – What are Extensions?

Back to Basics - What are Extensions? Styling Extensions Introduced in Oracle Policy Automation November 2016 release, a styling extension allows a designer to create styling rules and logic using JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets. These files are...Continue Reading

Template Generator Update – JavaScript for Control Extensions

Template Generator - JavaScript for Control Extensions Another update, quite a big one, for the template generator. We've added lots more information to explain how to use the generator, and hopefully how to work on the template once...Continue Reading

Whats New in Oracle Policy Automation 18B #2 Relationship Control Extensions

The main thrust of this post first came into my head when I was writing one of the recent Back to Basics posts about Relationships. And as if by magic, the Intelligent Advisor team went ahead and improved...Continue Reading

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