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Infographics with Intelligent Advisor and Easelly #2

Quick Links to this Easelly series : Part One / Part Two / Part Three So, in this part of the Easelly series we will look at how to integrate Easelly with Oracle Intelligent Advisor. For this integration...Continue Reading

Detail Pop-up in Intelligent Advisor Extension

The other day someone came to me with a curious and interesting problem. They had a number of entity instances, inferred in an Excel spreadsheet. These had to be displayed in the usual way with an Entity Container...Continue Reading

Custom Year Picker JavaScript Extension Example

Custom Year Picker JavaScript Extension Example Continuing in our random series of examples of using the Oracle Policy Automation JavaScript Control Extension API, this one came up the other day. How to allow the user to only enter...Continue Reading

Oracle Policy Automation -JavaScript Custom API : Google Maps

Oracle Policy Modelling - OPA Custom Control : Google Maps The other day I was confronted with a requirement to display Google Maps within an Interview. The requirement was not window-based or dialog-based : the Google Map had...Continue Reading

OPA 12 – Interview Screen with no Buttons

OPA 12 - Interview Screen with no Buttons A colleague asked me an interesting theoretical question about an Interview Screen with no Buttons last week. Much of the detail I will skip and just get right to the things...Continue Reading

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