Tag: Custom JavaScript

Dynamic Input Mask JavaScript Extension

This week I was lucky enough to be chatting to a reader when he shared a requirement for a dynamic input mask. The exact concept was simple : when entering a telephone number, if the end user of...Continue Reading

The Code Generator for Extensions

The Code Generator for Extensions As many of you have already found out, we have been experimenting with a template code generator for JavaScript extensions. It started out as a simple way to demonstrate the basic structure of...Continue Reading

Entity Collect Extension

Entity Collect Extension Some time ago I wrote about Entity Collect Extension and the challenges of writing a demonstration piece of code. The challenges of Entity Collect Extension are pretty well known, but here is a run down...Continue Reading

Custom Year Picker JavaScript Extension Example

Custom Year Picker JavaScript Extension Example Continuing in our random series of examples of using the Oracle Policy Automation JavaScript Control Extension API, this one came up the other day. How to allow the user to only enter...Continue Reading

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