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The Oracle B2C Product Hierarchy Problem in Oracle Intelligent Advisor

This post continues on from the series about retrieving information from REST APIs (in this case Oracle B2C Service) to display the data in the form of Custom Options or Custom Inputs. The situation this time is that...Continue Reading

Custom Options Extension – That isn’t a Custom Options Extension

In a recent article, we discussed using the REST API of an external application (in this case, Oracle B2C Service) to retrieve information to display in a Custom Options Extension. As regular readers will know, one of the...Continue Reading

JSON Extension File

JSON Extension File As many, but not all readers are probably aware, the Oracle Policy Automation JavaScript API is restricted in terms of what data it can manipulate in code. The default position is simple. If you plan...Continue Reading

Custom Options : Hierarchical Lists

Custom Options : Hierarchical Lists Following on from the previous post, where we looked at how you might use an Entity and it's instances to provide the dynamic input for a List of Values at run-time, this post...Continue Reading

Custom Options : Dynamic List of Values

Custom Options : Dynamic List of Values One of the things that I always found strange about early Oracle Policy Modeling 12 versions was the inability to use Excel (or Word) as the basis for a List of...Continue Reading

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