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Policy Automation – Live Substitution in Question Screens

In the Policy Automation training, we discuss (and we have discussed on this Blog) the subject of Substitution. Put simply, if you have created a Customer called "Bob", you want to see "Bob's invoice" not "the customer's invoice"...Continue Reading

Policy Automation – Value Selections and jQuery

Value Selections and jQuery A question that often comes up during the Oracle Policy Automation Essentials I and II   training perhaps en route to certification,  concerns the limitations of the Web Determination user interface. In fact many questions...Continue Reading

Policy Automation – Required * in version 10

In Policy Automation, just like our old friend Siebel Enterprise, required base Attributes are highlighted to the user in the form of an asterisk, thus:- You will notice that the Policy Automation asterisk is rather small. In fact, it...Continue Reading

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