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Decision Service Example Projects Series- 2024

In 2022 / 2023 we brought out a series of articles and videos that dove into the Example Projects that are supplied with Oracle Policy Modeling. They have proved to be the most watched non-technical videos on our...Continue Reading

Decision Service Result Caching in Test Cases – 23A MU1 New Feature

It always pays to keep an eye on the releases that come between the quarterly ABCD stuff. There are quite often some lovely enhancements or bug fixes that creep in. And 23A Monthly Update 1 (Your OPM in...Continue Reading

Decision Services Training Update Now Available

As part of our commitment to ensuring that cost effective and quality training is available to the Oracle intelligent Advisor community, we are pleased to announce that the Decision Service Training has been updated to include a module...Continue Reading

22A MU2 – Decision Services in French and Spanish

In case you missed it the second monthly update to 22A was released on 13 April 2022. Whilst many were preparing for Easter, Oracle was pushing out quite an important update. There are three main areas that have...Continue Reading

Decision Services – New Training Course Launched

Decision Services – New Training Course Launched

We're really happy to announce the release of our new Online Training covering the exciting Decision Service concept. With features that make it a great companion to (or stand-alone platform to complement ) Oracle Policy Modeling, and future...Continue Reading

The Example Projects for Oracle Intelligent Advisor Series 2022 : Energy Saver

So here we are, already at the next article in this Example Project series. This week we will look at the Energy Saver project. This is the 7th Example Project in the set provided with Oracle Policy Modeling....Continue Reading

21B Monthly Release 1 : Live Debug Decision Services

Following on from the excellent Oracle Intelligent Advisor Focus Group / Product Strategy Meeting for EMEA yesterday, where Turning Point, Panasonic and CNAF all gave pertinent and detailed explanations of how they use Oracle Intelligent Advisor in different...Continue Reading

21B : Policy Modeling can now reference Web Authored Decision Services

This new feature - which is such a big one that we felt it deserved it's own article - allows the developer of Projects to leverage the Web Authoring functionality to create a Decision Service of some kind,...Continue Reading

Video : Intelligent Advisor Decision Services #1

What with all the different things going on at the moment - both personally and professionally - for most people right now, I realize that it is not always easy to find the time to read lots of...Continue Reading

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