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Replacing Captcha with hCaptcha in Intelligent Advisor

I don't know about you, but I find the built-in Intelligent Advisor captcha control is a bit, well, old-fashioned. Here it is, in all it's monochrome splendour: It certainly feels to me as if it has been forgotten...Continue Reading

SIRET / Credit Card Checking in Intelligent Advisor with Luhn

This post was originally going to be called SIRET checking in Intelligent Advisor but the notion of a SIRET number is an acronym famous I think only in France. What we are really talking about is validating anything...Continue Reading

Whats New in Intelligent Advisor 20C?

Whats New in Intelligent Advisor 20C?

And so the wheel of time turns and before we know it, yet another version of Intelligent Advisor has hit the shelves. And this one is a big release, with some fantastic stuff in it, not just for...Continue Reading

Whats New in Intelligent Advisor 20B?

Whats New in Intelligent Advisor 20B?

Once again we find ourselves with another new release. Anyone would think they arrive every three months! Whats new in 20B? Deployment administrators can now see assessment rate statistics across deployment versions in Intelligent Advisor Hub in order...Continue Reading

New JavaScript Extensions Book – Win!

New JavaScript Extensions Book - Win! We're pleased to say that our new Oracle Policy Automation JavaScript Extensions book is finished. Designed to be useful for anyone looking to understand how to extend their interviews with JavaScript Extensions....Continue Reading

Back to Basics : Extensions #2

Following on from the previous post, we delve more deeply into the JavaScript Extensions world. Interview Execution in a Browser So how does an Interview Extension work? Let's begin with some basic information about how your Oracle Policy...Continue Reading

Back to Basics – What are Extensions?

Back to Basics - What are Extensions? Styling Extensions Introduced in Oracle Policy Automation November 2016 release, a styling extension allows a designer to create styling rules and logic using JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets. These files are...Continue Reading

Showing a Loading Image During Entity Creation

Showing a Loading Image During Entity Creation When a user is entering some information into Entity attributes, it is entirely possible that one of those entity attributes may take its information from a Search extension. For example, you...Continue Reading

Detail Pop-up in Intelligent Advisor Extension

The other day someone came to me with a curious and interesting problem. They had a number of entity instances, inferred in an Excel spreadsheet. These had to be displayed in the usual way with an Entity Container...Continue Reading

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