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22A MU2 – Decision Services in French and Spanish

In case you missed it the second monthly update to 22A was released on 13 April 2022. Whilst many were preparing for Easter, Oracle was pushing out quite an important update. There are three main areas that have...Continue Reading

Natural Language in Oracle Policy Modeler- Missing Translations

One of the things that irritates me, and I am sure (since I ask) other people is the lack of support for natural language versions of some pretty basic functions. For example, in English you can write (this...Continue Reading

Expense Report – Les notes de frais (formation OPA)

Formation OPA - Les notes de frais En formation, il m'arrive souvent d'utiliser un modèle de donnes simple et très connu dans les différents exercices. Il n'est pas toujours utile, pédagogiquement parlant de construire un modèle d'entités très...Continue Reading

OPA 12 – It’s all in the Natural Language Text

OPA 12 – It’s all in the Natural Language Text

I suppose this article could have just as easily been about Oracle Policy Modelling 10 as well. But since I was teaching version 12 I decided to use it for the screenshots. I also was teaching a group...Continue Reading

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