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Rounding up and down in Oracle Intelligent Advisor

This post about Rounding up and down is one in a series of articles drawing on content that we have provided to the Oracle Intelligent Advisor public Forum. Some of you may know that the historic forum was...Continue Reading

Temporal Reasoning in Oracle Intelligent Advisor : WhenLast and Interval Functions

Following on from the previous post, this short series is looking at temporal reasoning. In the initial post we investigated the basic principle of entering temporal data in the debugger and using a function such as ValueAt() to...Continue Reading

Oracle Policy Automation Quiz Question Two – AND

Oracle Policy Automation Quiz Question Two - AND Many of you probably saw this one coming after the first Quiz Question. Well, here it is. I am sharing with you all another question I often ask during the...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #10 Temporal Reasoning

OPA – Entities Adventures #10 Temporal Reasoning

Temporal Workshop And so we come to the tenth, and final (for the time being) post in this hopefully useful and entertaining series for learners of Oracle Policy Automation. In this episode we will discuss the concept of...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #7 Scope in OPA …

Back to the Workshop! In this episode, we will look at the subject of cross-entity reasoning again to investigate some functions which we do not cover in the Policy Automation training. Firstly though, we need to talk about...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #6 Cross Entity Reasoning

Cross-Entity Reasoning Once again we return to the Cars and Mechanics in the mythical Workshop. The first part of this post will review the French version of the work done in the previous episode, and then we will...Continue Reading

OPA 10 – Jargon Busting – Temporal Reasoning

OPA 10 – Jargon Busting – Temporal Reasoning

Temporal Reasoning Temporal Reasoning in Policy Modelling is the capacity to deal with Change Points and data that varies over time. For those of you who are familiar with the Siebel CRM, a similar concept was introduced to...Continue Reading

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