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The Example Projects for Oracle Intelligent Advisor Series 2022 : Retail Discounts

Retail Discount? Famous Example Project! This is a project that has been famous in my eyes for a very long time, since generations of Oracle Intelligent Advisor students have passed through here as they learn about InferInstanceFor, Temporal...Continue Reading

Create Mirror-Image Instances of an Entity – Relationships

Create Mirror-Image Instances of an Entity – Relationships

At least, with this chapter in our ongoing learning journey (see the earlier chapters in the links below this article) there is no real risk of someone misunderstanding the concept we are going to discuss today. It is...Continue Reading

Back to Basics : InferInstanceFor

Back to Basics : InferInstanceFor It's one of those functions that people often ask questions about. At first glance InferInstanceFor appears to be "just another one of those Instance functions". But it actually hides something very interesting. The...Continue Reading

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