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Reinventing the Signature Control in Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Regular readers will know that a fairly long time ago, we investigated the Signature Control. As it is one of the few controls that has no extension capability other than styling, we had a few challenges. We were...Continue Reading

Video : Input Extensions for Interviews in Intelligent Advisor

In the second of our ongoing series (this was the first part) , the video at the end of this article tries to give a good overview of what an Input Extension is used for in an Intelligent...Continue Reading

SIRET / Credit Card Checking in Intelligent Advisor with Luhn

This post was originally going to be called SIRET checking in Intelligent Advisor but the notion of a SIRET number is an acronym famous I think only in France. What we are really talking about is validating anything...Continue Reading

Dynamic Input Mask JavaScript Extension

This week I was lucky enough to be chatting to a reader when he shared a requirement for a dynamic input mask. The exact concept was simple : when entering a telephone number, if the end user of...Continue Reading

Input Validation in an Input Extension – IBAN Validation

Input Validation in an Input Extension - IBAN Validation A funny thing happened today - I came across a forum post that was talking about exactly what we had been describing to someone else the same day. Odd....Continue Reading

Input Extensions – Input Validation

Input Extensions - Input Validation Following on from the recent posts about Errors and Input Extensions, this week we're going to look at input validation and error handling. Not, you will understand, error handling in the JavaScript sense...Continue Reading

Input Extensions – DropDowns

Many thanks to long-time reader and Oracle Policy Automation expert Aaron H for an interesting discussion just before the holiday season. The subject for this post is as you can tell, Input extensions that are dropdowns. Our conversation...Continue Reading

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