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Intelligent Advisor and Siebel 21 #2

Serendipitously, this week has seen the office filled with Siebel 21 and Intelligent Advisor technical discussions and installations. So the time is right to continue on from the post a few weeks ago. So let's reset the clock...Continue Reading

Temporal Reasoning – new Training Module

We've been really overwhelmed by the takeup of our 6 free learning modules for beginners. They have proven very popular. But we don't want to neglect the people who are already active with Intelligent Advisor, and who are...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor and Siebel 21

Intelligent Advisor and Siebel 21 Note : If you are looking for the deep-dive series of tutorials : they start here. The world of Siebel CRM is evolving so fast (one might even say it has become so...Continue Reading

JavaScript Extensions – Code Generator New Version

We are happy to announce that the newest version of the Code Generator for JavaScript Extensions is now available. It allows you to generate example code that you can then work on or just use as scaffolding for...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor New Feature : Hub Authoring

Join us today as we investigate a new feature (much-signposted and much-heralded in the previous 12 months) that crept into Intelligent Advisor 20C monthly release 2. The Intelligent Advisor New Feature we are talking about, and that we...Continue Reading

Video : Input Extensions for Interviews in Intelligent Advisor

In the second of our ongoing series (this was the first part) , the video at the end of this article tries to give a good overview of what an Input Extension is used for in an Intelligent...Continue Reading

Mythbuster : Temporal Reasoning in Intelligent Advisor

Mythbuster : Temporal Reasoning in Intelligent Advisor

This post started life in an elevator, as a conversation with someone who has been working with Intelligent Advisor for about a year now, and who struggled a bit with Entities and Relationships, but who generally speaking was...Continue Reading

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