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Error() Rule triggering on a specific Screen

One of the most frequent questions that we come across is the one you can see, sort of, in the title of this article. Why do Error() rules fire seemingly without any connection to the interview experience? For...Continue Reading

Oracle Intelligent Advisor 21B : Custom Events

Following on from the announcement of the release of Oracle Intelligent Advisor 21B and our article about the new capability to reference Decision Services in Oracle Policy Modeling, comes another article to discuss further new features. Both of...Continue Reading

JavaScript Custom Image Extension

One of the regular readers of this website was very excited to see that recently, the Custom Extensions were updated to include a Custom Image Extension. Whilst at first glance you might not think it would need much...Continue Reading

Intro Tooltips for Guided Assistance

I've been working with my other software (Oracle Siebel CRM) recently. As many of you know I'm the co-Founder also of https://siebelhub.com. I don't contribute much to it these days as The OPA Hub Website takes up a...Continue Reading

Input Extensions – DropDowns

Many thanks to long-time reader and Oracle Policy Automation expert Aaron H for an interesting discussion just before the holiday season. The subject for this post is as you can tell, Input extensions that are dropdowns. Our conversation...Continue Reading

JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling

JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling It's almost ready. The perfect Christmas gift (yeah, right, in bizarro-world) or New Year workout kit. The new book is due out in a few weeks, and you have the chance to...Continue Reading

New JavaScript Extensions Book – Win!

New JavaScript Extensions Book - Win! We're pleased to say that our new Oracle Policy Automation JavaScript Extensions book is finished. Designed to be useful for anyone looking to understand how to extend their interviews with JavaScript Extensions....Continue Reading

Back to Basics : Extensions #2

Following on from the previous post, we delve more deeply into the JavaScript Extensions world. Interview Execution in a Browser So how does an Interview Extension work? Let's begin with some basic information about how your Oracle Policy...Continue Reading

Business Process : Force PDF Download in OPA

Business Process : Force PDF Download in OPA After last week's business case put forward about Calendar Blackout dates, this week we can thank Arnaud D and Sylvie A from Switzerland for their excellent use case. This week...Continue Reading

Calendar Black Out Dates with Control Extensions

Calendar Black Out Dates with Control Extensions The Intelligent-Advisor.com Website is always happy to hear from readers and learn about the things they are doing and trying to do. In this case, this article was inspired by our...Continue Reading

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