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The Oracle B2C Product Hierarchy Problem in Oracle Intelligent Advisor

This post continues on from the series about retrieving information from REST APIs (in this case Oracle B2C Service) to display the data in the form of Custom Options or Custom Inputs. The situation this time is that...Continue Reading

Custom Options Extension – That isn’t a Custom Options Extension

In a recent article, we discussed using the REST API of an external application (in this case, Oracle B2C Service) to retrieve information to display in a Custom Options Extension. As regular readers will know, one of the...Continue Reading

The Example Projects for Oracle Intelligent Advisor Series 2022 : Student Benefits

Last time out we looked at an Example Project called Service Delta which was designed to work as a Web Service. This time out we are looking at Student Benefits, which although it is an Interview, also has...Continue Reading

The Example Projects for Oracle Intelligent Advisor Series 2022 : Safety Inspection

Safety Inspection is a simple to follow and easy to learn / modify Example Project. The business context is any situation or industry where auditing or inspection needs to take place - for example a gas engineer checking...Continue Reading

Custom Options Extension – Load values from a REST API with Fetch()

One of the most requested concepts is the ability to load options for an attribute from a database or from some other abstraction layer - for example from a REST API, into a Custom Options Extension. This can...Continue Reading

Where is my console? Debugging in the Agent Desktop

Like everything, there is a disconnect between the real world and the world your customers would like to be in. Many Oracle B2C Service customers are using the Browser User Interface and are really happy with it. Some,...Continue Reading

Load existing and create new records in an Entity Collect with Oracle B2C Service Compound Style Extension

This is a post returning to the forum post that we responded to recently. The request was to be able to manage, using Oracle Intelligent Advisor and Oracle B2C Service Cloud, an Entity Collect that will display existing...Continue Reading

Mixed Mode Interviews in Oracle B2C Service – Logged in or Not?

If you ever have the scenario that an interview needs to be available to both logged-in Customer Portal users and non-logged people who just swing by, then the combination of Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Intelligent Advisor has...Continue Reading

Interview.fetch() Oracle B2C Service Cloud REST API

Update September 2022: Since this article was originally written, the example project has been extended to include Contact and Answer object examples using GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE. The project is available in the Online Store. Thanks must...Continue Reading

Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud Second Edition

Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud Second Edition The second edition is here! Helped by some comments from the community (see this conversation in the comments of a previous post), I am very pleased to announce the availability of...Continue Reading

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