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Back to Basics : Extensions #2

Following on from the previous post, we delve more deeply into the JavaScript Extensions world. Interview Execution in a Browser So how does an Interview Extension work? Let's begin with some basic information about how your Oracle Policy...Continue Reading

JavaScript Extension : Geomapping with Leaflet JS

JavaScript Extension : Geomapping with Leaflet JS Ever since the dawn of time (or at least since the arrival of JavaScript Extensions in Oracle Policy Automation), for whatever reason, the subject of Google Maps (geocoding, reverse geocoding, etc)...Continue Reading

Back to OPA Basics : Oracle Policy Modeling Features

Welcome to another in our periodic back to OPA basics series. At the moment I am watching a lot of new starters join a set of experienced developers. And funnily enough, both groups sometimes are stuck in their...Continue Reading

Business Process : Force PDF Download in OPA

Business Process : Force PDF Download in OPA After last week's business case put forward about Calendar Blackout dates, this week we can thank Arnaud D and Sylvie A from Switzerland for their excellent use case. This week...Continue Reading

How Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) Helps In Enterprise AI

Enterprise AI – an Intelligent Data Warehouse/ERP system? AI enables computers to do some things better than humans especially when it comes to finding insights from large amounts of Unstructured or semi-structured data. Technologies like Machine learning ,...Continue Reading

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