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The Example Projects for Oracle Intelligent Advisor Series 2022 : Product Recommendation

The Product Recommendation Example Project for Oracle Intelligent Advisor has a variety of interesting features that make it a good learning opportunity. Originally designed to showcase the Web Service Connector (aka the Connector Framework) it has also a...Continue Reading

Relationships – Reverse Relationships

Relationships – Reverse Relationships

We're back with another in our series about Relationships in Oracle Intelligent Advisor (the previous part can be found here, with links to the others). Amazing to think that this is part eight covering Reverse Relationships, and that...Continue Reading

Relationships – Inferring Reference Relationships

We're on to part four of our learning journey, covering functional items that are often a challenge to rule authors in Oracle Policy Modeling. This week we are looking at Inferring Reference Relationships and how this whole concept...Continue Reading

Relationships – Reference Relationship

How time flies! Here we are already on part three of our learning journey (part one Containment Relationships and part two Inferred Containment Relationships are here) . Obviously , these previous articles saw lots of content about Containment...Continue Reading

Back to Basics Fun with Relationships

Back to Basics Fun with Relationships The other day I had cause to discuss Relationships with an Oracle Policy Automation developer, and as a result of the discussions and the level of interest expressed in the learning curve,...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #4 Substitution and Screen Flows

The Workshop - Web Determinations Returning after a brief hiatus and some much-deserved sunshine, the Mechanic and the Workshop we have built in the previous episodes (1-2-3) is ready for cars. We will begin by adding some visuals to...Continue Reading

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