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Relationships – Iterative Entity Instances

It's been a wild ride but we are now starting the last (number nine!!!) in our long series of articles about relationships. For those of you who are coming to this post but who would like to know...Continue Reading

Relationships – Reverse Relationships

Relationships – Reverse Relationships

We're back with another in our series about Relationships in Oracle Intelligent Advisor (the previous part can be found here, with links to the others). Amazing to think that this is part eight covering Reverse Relationships, and that...Continue Reading

Relationships – Self-Referential Relationships Part Two

In the previous part of this learning series we uncovered the basics behind self-referential relationships. We discussed how to avoid getting false results and how using an alias allows the rule designer (and the engine) to understand more...Continue Reading

Relationships – Self-Referential Relationships

Are you talking to me? Sometimes you need to look through entity instances and relate them to each other in Oracle Intelligent Advisor. Sometimes, when working with relationships, the rule author needs to reference instances of the same...Continue Reading

Relationship Dropdown Example for Selection

This post is another in our series based on discussion articles or discussions that we have participated in on the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Forum, which is the peer-to-peer site where you can post questions or suggestions and the...Continue Reading

Relationships in Intelligent Advisor #2 – Membership

This is the second in a series of posts about Relationships in Intelligent Advisor. The first post can be found here. When we left the last article we had built a simple design to illustrate the concept of...Continue Reading

Fun with Aliases and Strings

This subject comes up quite a lot both in my workshops and on the Internet in general (in as much as we can say that Oracle Policy Automation occupies space on the Internet). Recently a reader (and a...Continue Reading

Back to Basics Fun with Relationships

Back to Basics Fun with Relationships The other day I had cause to discuss Relationships with an Oracle Policy Automation developer, and as a result of the discussions and the level of interest expressed in the learning curve,...Continue Reading

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