The Oracle B2C Product Hierarchy Problem in Oracle Intelligent Advisor

This post continues on from the series about retrieving information from REST APIs (in this case Oracle B2C Service) to display the data in the form of Custom Options or Custom Inputs. The situation this time is that...Continue Reading

Custom Options Extension – Load values from a REST API with Fetch()

One of the most requested concepts is the ability to load options for an attribute from a database or from some other abstraction layer - for example from a REST API, into a Custom Options Extension. This can...Continue Reading

Authenticating Oracle Intelligent Advisor REST API from SQL

The previous articles we have published on the subject of authenticating Oracle Intelligent Advisor from Postman and SOAP UI have been very popular - and the video has been viewed a few times as well. Today's post looks...Continue Reading

Whats New in Oracle Intelligent Advisor 21B MU2 : Statistics API

Whats New in Oracle Intelligent Advisor 21B MU2 : Statistics API

The next monthly update in the frenetic release pace of Oracle Intelligent Advisor provides administrative users and other team members involved in User Acceptance and User Behavior with a new capability. System integrators and other users can now...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor Forms #2 : Easel.ly

This is the second part (first part here) of the article about novel ways to create PDF files in Oracle Intelligent Advisor. In the previous article, we looked at an alternative to creating text-heavy PDF files, Anvil. We...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor Forms #1 : Anvil

OK, this post about Intelligent Advisor Forms is a bit of a weird one. But it comes about because of a series of discussions with an esteemed confrere on this subject. As we know, Oracle Intelligent Advisor comes...Continue Reading

Infographics with Intelligent Advisor and Easelly #1

Infographics with Intelligent Advisor and Easelly Quick Links to this Easelly series : Part One / Part Two / Part Three Oracle Policy Automation and Easelly : Once in a while I come across something in the Internet...Continue Reading

Siebel CRM as a custom Search source

This post is inspired by a conversation I've been having over the last few days with another OPA consultant (thanks Prashil!) . Although as it turned out, the requirement had nothing to do with Siebel (that will teach...Continue Reading

Deployment REST API : Uploading Zip Files #2

Deployment REST API : Uploading Zip Files #2 Following on from the previous post, we are now in a position to begin putting together the different elements and actually working out how to use the Deployment REST API...Continue Reading

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