Template Generator Update – JavaScript for Control Extensions

Template Generator – JavaScript for Control Extensions

Another update, quite a big one, for the template generator. We’ve added lots more information to explain how to use the generator, and hopefully how to work on the template once you have created it. In addition, we have added the Entity Container as a new extension type, so you can create scrollbar-friendly lists of instances for your Entities. Read on for more information. If you just want to download the new version leave a comment and I will send it to you. In the not too distant future we will be releasing it to the OPA Hub Shop, but for now just ask and we can pass it to you.

Control Extension Template Generator : New Form Available

If you don’t intend to use the template code straight away, you can now just print the Form and keep it for later. At the moment the form just dumps the code in plain text, it does not pretty-print it like the screen output, but the code is still ready to copy-and-paste.

Control Extension Template Generator : Information Added

In the Form, we have included some hopefully useful background information about using the code, what to look out for and what to know in terms of where you might want to customize the code. We’ll keep adding to this Form as time goes on, with anything we think might be useful.

Control Extension Template Generator : New Extension

You can now generate Entity Container Extensions. This template requires an extra Property and uses jsGrid to provide a scrolling layout. Again, more information is given in your Form about how to use it and how to customize it to go even further. As always, the official documentation is your friend.

Control Extension Template Generator : Example Container

New Video

And so, to close, you will find below a short video explaining the new Extension Template for Entity Containers, and giving you a bit more background about the different aspects of this Extension type. Nothing beats having a go yourself. Of course, as we always say, the code is entirely for entertainment purposes, never for production, and it’s your own fault if you don’t get a professional to rewrite it. But at least you will know that it can be done, and as a consultant that is often one of the most important things to know.

The video can be viewed here:


There are 70 examples in the best-selling book Consultants Guide to Oracle Policy Modeling JavaScript Extensions [2021 Edition].

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