Back to Basics 1 – Text in Oracle Policy Modeler

Back to Basics 1 – Text in Oracle Policy Modeler

As the supermarkets are busy selling back to school themed items (actually they already seem to have moved on to Christmas!), I thought it would be appropriate to go over some basic but very key  Oracle Policy Modeler points that are not always made very clear to would-be Policy Modelers before they actually start writing. Over the next few days I hope to put some of these common traps in the refuse bin.

Basic  Idea #1

You can write using any verbs you like.

No you cannot. And although the thought of truly natural language might be a great idea, in practice we need constraints. And that is especially true when we work as a team. Just as developers have coding styles, writers of blog posts have writing styles, so Policy Modelers need writing styles too. The predefined list of verbs in your Oracle Policy Modeler can be found on the Project Tab, in the Language Pane – in version 12. In version 10 it is in the main menu under File, if my memory serves me well.

Oracle Policy Modeler - Verb List

What verbs can I use?

As the screenshot shows, the Custom Verbs… button – which you need to click to see the dialog box displayed here – lets you review both the standard (in English that means 392 verbs) and custom verbs if you have added any using the Add… button, which you can also see in the popup dialog on the right. Of course adding verbs sounds great, and can provide for a richer, domain-specific vocabulary, for example if you need to use the verb to allocate repeatedly in your world, then you will probably need to add it. But remember that this verb is added to the Project you are working on, so if there are multiple projects you will need to manage the addition of the verb to each of them.

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