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Below is a project written in Oracle Intelligent Advisor 12 (the version has no bearing on the example). It has only one attribute : the date of the next visit. This is written as follows:

The date of the next visit= YearEnd (AddYears(the current date;1))

The date you are running the Debugger, the current date is November 19, 2018. The rule should perform a simple assignment, taking the current date, adding a year and then using that as the input for the YearEnd function. So :

YearEnd(November 19, 2019)

This should give the value of December 31 2019. There are no other attributes in this Project. There are no JavaScript extensions, no custom Controls, no CSS or other additions. The Project is being built using English language (see note below in the Hints to Help You section)M. The Project does not have any translations, forms, or anything else inside it.

But the Debugger  session of the Oracle Policy Modeling application displays the following:

OPA 12 - What is Happening Here

The date is incorrectly showing 12/31/20. So what is happening here? Even more strange, the Data tab of the Debugger shows the following:

OPA 12 - What is Happening Here

The value is correct on the right, incorrect on the left.

So what has happened to the Oracle Intelligent Advisor project in this example? What has the Project author done wrong?

Hints to Help You

  • It’s not a product bug
  • It’s not the separator “,” or “;” – these are based on your Region settings and I use English language but in Swiss region. Use your own separator if you are building it.
  • It’s not a bug with the function
  • It’s not a problem with years using 2 digits or 4

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