The Example Projects for Oracle Intelligent Advisor Series 2022 : Warranty

I really cannot believe that we have come, for the moment at least, to the end of this series about the Example Projects in Oracle Policy Modeling. We will shortly be continuing this series with Decision Service Example Projects and then the In-Depth functionality review of the Example Projects but for now we focus on the Warranty project.

There is a video code-along demonstration at the end of this article where we will look at the features mentioned below. So let’s get into the Warranty Example Project:

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to use the Warranty Project in Oracle Intelligent Advisor

  1. How to use the Warranty Project

    There are really two different scenarios in this project, the first is the example of a simple issue, for example with a phone that you purchased. The Warranty Example Project will guide you through the steps to log a service request. Although it is not fully operational, this project builds the data necessary to save this as a Service Request in Oracle Engagement Cloud (B2B Sales and Service).

    The second scenario is a medical device that malfunctions, and therefore more data is logged and a PDF form is prepared since this kind of malfunction may have to be declared to the authorities.

    Warranty Example Project

  2. What does the Warranty Project demonstrate

    The project demonstrates some easy-to-learn features of Oracle Policy Modeling. The different Screens in the interview are visible or invisible depending on the type of problem, and the Form that is generated at the end of the medical device interview is a great example of using a publically available PDF form and adapting it to populate it from the Example Project. So this form uses a PDF template not an RTF template.
    Warranty Example Project PDF

  3. Adaptation Ideas for Warranty

    As we see in the video, there are several easy ways to test your skills – adding a new Value List item to cover another kind of problem which will in turn allow you to create another Screen and address this new problem with specific question. As shown in the video, you can add translation files to ensure that customers who speak a different language can report issues as well. This in turn would allow you to create a language-specific PDF template.

  4. Upsides and Downsides

    With a simple structure and interview, this is a good target for the kind of changes discussed in the video. It was originally designed to showcase an integration with Oracle B2B Sales and Service so the data model reflects that, with an inferred entity used to create a detail for the Service Request that would be created in the system of record.

If you want to watch a code-along video with me to see how to make some of the changes listed, here it is. You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel.


Author: Richard Napier

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