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As many readers will know, from time to time we show JavaScript Extension ideas, sometimes unprecedented, and concepts that might help customers looking to implement Intelligent Advisor Control and Interview Extensions. Many of these are available as downloads in our Shop. Some are absolutely free of charge, and some are downloadable for a few dollars.

In addition of course we sell our book JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling which itself comes with 70 further examples, all downloadable of course if you purchased the book. So on this page we list all the (other, as in on top of the 70 we just mentioned!) different examples we have covered in articles on

An older article about our most downloaded extensions is quite an eye-opener.

JavaScript Extension List from

Basic Google Maps Label Extension

Emergency Response Example Project with integrated Google Maps Extension

Custom REST Search Extension Example

Customer Container for Website Embed

Custom Search Example with Siebel CRM

Custom Options Input Example

Detail Popup for Entity Instances Label Extension

Dynamic Hierarchical Lists using Custom Options

Dynamic List of Values from Entity Instances using Custom Options

Dynamic Charts using D3 in a Container Control

Custom Next Button and Label for PDF Download

Import Data into Interview with Excel Label and Container Extension

Loading Image during External Call in Search

Intro JS for Guided Assistance in an Interview

Luhn Algorithm in Input Controls

Replacing Captcha with a Better Captcha Extension

Entity Container Example with jsGrid

Custom Header Extension as a Timer

Google Maps and Reverse Geocoding

Google Places API and dynamic drop downs

Custom Entity Collect in Intelligent Advisor

Travel Compensation Example Project with ICAO and Great Circle Mapper Extensions

Calendar Input with Blackout Dates Input Extension

Mapping without Google – Leaflet JS and MapBox Extension

Input Validations with Extensions

Custom Entity Remove Button Extension

Custom Image Extension QR Code

Four TextArea Input Extensions

Making JavaScript Extensions work together – Search and Entity Collect

Revamped Signature Control Input Extension

And many more JavaScript Extensions – just use the search feature of the site, or reach out to us on the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Public Forum.

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