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In the second of our ongoing series (this was the first part) , the video at the end of this article tries to give a good overview of what an Input Extension is used for in an Intelligent Advisor Interview. More specifically, it looks at the following topics :

  1. The basic layout of the Input Extension code and how to quickly generate a sample using the Code Generator.
  2. The difference between an Input Extension and a Full Input.
  3. The basic mechanics of the Input Extension, in terms of the code that needs to be always present and the code that can be adjusted to meet your exact requirements.
  4. We look at the Validate and Update event keys and how you might use them with a simple example of each to illustrate the ideas.
  5. We then look at how you can leverage the concepts behind these extensions – starting with a simple HTML Input tag, moving to using algorithms for validation, external libraries for visual content – such as Google Maps – and finally combining all of these elements and leveraging Intelligent Advisor content – such as entity instances or complex data – into your Inputs.

Extensions like these, when used wisely, can propel an Intelligent Advisor Interview to the next level and encourage users to engage more with whatever process you are showing them. Although the default Intelligent Advisor controls are fantastic – they render quickly, they are responsive and the binding with attributes is really easy to understand and manage – it is always a fact that Internet-facing interviews will need to have styling and code extensions either because of corporate insistence or data-management needs.

In the video which is 28 minutes long, as well as looking at how to build them, you can see some simple examples of how to use them for practical and visual effect in Interviews.


The video is also available on our Youtube Channel if you prefer to watch it there in full screen. Just click on the image below:

Input Extensions Video : Input Extensions Introduction

If you are interested in the latest developments in respect of JavaScript Extensions you might be interested in the new feature introduced in 20D – secure, centrally managed REST calls outbound during interviews.

Richard Napier

Author: Richard Napier

After 8 years in case management and ERP software roles, Richard Napier joined Siebel Systems in 1999 and took up the role of managing the nascent Siebel University in Southern Europe. He subsequently was Director of Business Development and Education for InFact Group (now part of Business & Decisions) for 8 years. He now runs Intelligent Advisor IT Consulting OÜ. Owner of, he also is Co-Founder of the Siebel Hub.

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