Whats New in Oracle Intelligent Advisor 22A – Article and Video

This week saw the public release of the newest version of Oracle Intelligent Advisor following the typical Oracle Cloud release scheme. Oracle Intelligent Advisor 22A, as it is known, hit the demo pods a while back and is now pretty much up and available for anyone to push into their non-production instances of Oracle Intelligent Advisor.

The first release of the year is a quiet one “visually” speaking, but we do know of course that much work is happening behind the scenes in relation to the current team focus. I won’t go into that here, but if you followed our advice and took part in one of the recent virtual meetups or strategy sessions, you will have received some briefing as to what is in the pipeline.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor 22A brings essentially two new features, one on the integration side and one in the Hub web application. Let’s start with the Hub new feature since it impacts more people. Starting in this version there is a new Role available, called the Viewer role. It is a read-only role that allows people to see the following (and this is a direct quote from the documentation).

“This new role gives stakeholders full visibility of interviews and decision services during development, without risk of accidental changes. It also provides read-only production access to reporting users that need only to be able to access, download and analyze deployment usage data.”

It essentially creates a user type that can only either view or download information in the Hub, and if they download it they cannot upload it afterwards. As such it will be of particular use to customers already leveraging Decision Services since they are entirely Hub-based. But that is not the only reason to use the new role. For a full view of the features that this role has access to, watch the video below.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor 22A

This new role can only be assigned to a physical user, not an API Client. As always it is applied to individual Workspaces, as in the screenshot above.


The second new feature is the ability, as of Oracle Intelligent Advisor 22A, to use the resume and resumeCheckpointOrStartNew methods from within an Oracle Visual Builder application, allowing for consumption of checkpoints from within these usage cases.

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Author: Richard Napier

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