What’s New in Oracle Policy Automation August 2017 #1

What’s New in Oracle Policy Automation August 2017 #1

The freshest and most recent version of Oracle Policy Automation has hit the shelves and as usual the OPA Hub website is reviewing the new stuff for you. What’s New in Oracle Policy Automation August 2017?

  • Find Unused Attributes

Sometimes its the smallest things that make a difference : you can now look for unused attributes. This  is an awesome way of realizing how many different ways you have misspelled your attributes! Seriously though this option to find unused attributes is a very useful thing indeed.

What's New in Oracle Policy Automation August 2017 - Find Unused Attributes
  • Make Your Interview Accessible

You can now select a Web Content Accessibility Guidelines level and Oracle Policy Modelling will warn you if you are straying from the path of accessibility, based on the level you have chosen. There are also some generic warning since Oracle Policy Modeling cannot check external content that you may have in your interview.

  • Decide when Error Messages are Shown

Sometimes you need messages to be shown control-by-control as the user types. Sometimes you need to aggregate the experience and show them when the user tries to leave the Oracle Policy Automation interview screen. Now you can choose, on a Screen by Screen basis.

What's New in Oracle Policy Automation August 2017 - Show Errors

There are also some cosmetic changes. The Oracle Policy Automation Hub now sports a different look and feel, one that is more in line with the latest generation of Oracle Cloud applications. As an added bonus you can change the language once you have logged in, fixing the issue with externally-authenticated users having to stick with the default language because they never saw the drop-down on the login page.

What's New in Oracle Policy Automation August 2017 - New Hub Theme

Finally for this first post in the series, the Hub also offers a new statistic when reviewing deployed Projects : time per screen.

The next post in this series will include a video which shows you in a hopefully interesting and entertaining way what these changes will do for your workflow and day-to-day experience with Oracle Policy Automation. Intelligent-Advisor.com Website will be back in a couple of days to show you some more exciting changes that have been made in this new release, as we review What’s New in Oracle Policy Automation August 2017 # 2.

Note : Video added to Video Gallery.

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